What I’ve learnt at SXSW

by Nancy Medica on 03/23/11


We met lots of interesting people, and that’s what SXSW it is also about, right? Apart from Natanya and Russ, the conference allowed me to finally meet Fernando Labastida, who leverages the IT Latin American market. That’s why we interviewed him regarding why US companies should outsource to Latin America, you can read and watch his interview here.

Fernando introduced us to the StartUp Bus – Lemonade Stand guys. They took a bus from New York to Austin and in 48hs developed a great app to sell online. Team work and staying awake is what mattered for this guys! We also met different entrepeneurs and IT guys from Latin America thanks to Fernando: Alan Colmenares who innovates from Colombia with digital projects and Daniel Undurraga founder of Groupon Latin America and whom we interviewed about how to succeed with your startup if you are in Latin America. Thanks to Fernando I also met a social media guy: Ian Greenleigh that just like me, got a job through marketing himself in social media!

The NearshoreAmericas journalist Josette Rigsby interviewed Cesar and asked him about what it is like to offer outsourcing IT services . You can read her interesting article here.

We also talked with Jose Briones about Product Management while Ricardo Guerrero tried to make us dance Salsa (ha!) and through whom we met Peggy Dold who apart from doing Marketing for global entertainment, she loves Argentina! Peggy is developing a very interesting social music app. Famous twitterers Mauro Accurso and Dominican Joan Guerrero found Ricardo while we where eating, and now we’ve got new social media friends! Estuardo Robles and Tom Evans also were present at this event and we enjoyed some meals together and shared a GroupMe to keep in touch and organized all our SXSW days.

We attended several parties hosted by well known companies: AMD, Microsoft, Google, among others. We had a great time. In the Google party we met Catherine Liao, she had a great idea to develop a “wine app”! At the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 party I finally met Gregg Hansen, AMD VP. Gregg congratulated me on my LinkedIn CS promoting job, thanks Gregg ;)

We also met people from Argentina, like Antón Chalbaud, from AltoDot which develops interesting Social Marketing IT.