Univision: Latinos Are Not a “Melting Pot”

Giovanni Rodriguez

Apr. 11 2011

There’s an interesting Univision video making the rounds today (see below), which the company hopes will provide business leaders with a better lens for interpreting the recent census results.

In a short email exchange, Randy Falco, executive vice president and COO for Univision Communications Inc. wrote,  “as we looked at the headlines and how the Hispanic growth is being discussed at all levels, we realized that we needed to provide more context about the real influence and impact of Latinos in the US.”

I agree.  It’s time for business and political leaders to get their head around this Latino thing.  It’s not as simple as one might think.  Latinos are a large, complex “metatribe” of different people, different interests, different cultures.  Yet sometimes they come together, around big umbrella issues (that’s what makes them a metatribe).  It pays to spend a little time understanding the facts and patterns.

One thing I like about this video:   the way it challenges an old metaphor — the “melting pot” — with a new one.  “The New American Reality” suggests a world where Latinos — and other groups — are an essential piece of the whole.  Hence the jigsaw puzzle piece as a visual metaphor … clever.  Another thing:  the video is in English.   The Univision media machine is really coming of age.  Last year, for 8o nights, it was the number-one broadcast network — in any language — in the coveted 18-34 age group, and 36 nights for ages 18-49.  With this kind of clout comes interesting opportunities.  I expect we’ll hear more from them in the next year — in both Spanish and in English — as we enter the 2012 election cycle.