The Latin American Digital Consumer: Nuances and Opportunities for Brands

Marketing Profs
by Veronica Maria Jarski
August  2013

Latin America’s Internet population is the fastest growing in the world, according to the data in the following IMS Corporate infographic.

Some 150 million consumers are online in Latin America (compared with the 216 million US consumers online). That number keeps rising: The annual growth rate of the number of Latin American consumers online is 12%. Moreover, more of those users are engaging with brands.

So, where are Latin American Internet users concentrated?

  • Brazil accounts for 42%
  • Mexico, 16%
  • Argentina, 9.6%
  • Colombia, 7%

Most Latin America Internet users are 15-24 years old (35.5%). The second largest group is 25-34 years old (28.2%), followed by 35-44-year-olds (19.5%). Those older than 55 use the Internet the least.

A whopping 97.5% of Latin American Internet users are on social networking sites, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, and Facebook, compared with 67% of US Internet users.