The GRAMMY Awards 2012: How social media changed the DNA of the Recording Academy

@Brian Solis

February 10, 2012

In celebration of the 54th GRAMMY Awards, we are debuting a special edition of (R)evolution.  Shot on location in Los Angeles, Evan Green, CMO of the Recording Academy discusses the fusion of two worlds, the social explosion and the increasingly sophisticated expectations of consumers.

In this fascinating discussion, we learn how a 54 year old industry body adapted to the change in how people interact with television, music and one another, shifting from watching the conversation to engaging and helping facilitate shared experiences. More importantly, you’ll hear what it took to get management to see the opportunity for the future and how it changed the DNA of the Recording Academy forever.

“For a minute people were starting to move away from television, now people are migrating back to television in pretty large numbers, but they’re migrating with their devices.” – Evan Green, CMO, Recording Academy

Season 3: Special Edition

A note from the Recording Academy on its vision for the 2012 GRAMMY Awards…

Beyond simply promoting an entertainment event, we strive to feed the digital music conversation, establish a deeper cultural connection with our audience, and seamlessly extend this effort to both second and third screens.  This year’s effort, titled ‘We Are Music,’ takes a more visceral approach to illustrating how music drives us.  Using a dynamic technology called particle art to establish a visual interpretation of music, ‘We Are Music’ focuses on the idea that when we listen to music, we surround ourselves in it…it becomes who we are…part of our DNA…an extension of our personality…inextricably linked with our identity!  Our campaign, like music itself, has a driving pulse, and is infused with energy and movement.