Spanish viewers cut the traditional TV cord

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Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 02-11-2013

More than 30% of connected TV users in Spain say they have radically reduced their traditional TV consumption.

Some 52% of them say they watch TV in equal amounts on traditional TV and other devices such as the Internet, consoles or mobile devices, according to a report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). In addition, 61% recognise that they are gradually increasing the use of these devices.

These figures are based on the three million users that have already connected their TV to the Internet, mostly through a smart TV or a console.

According to IAB’s report, connected TV owners use them from a multiscreen environment. On average, 4.4 devices are used to watch TV or online video, with smartphones the most used platform (84%), followed by computers (78%) and consoles (50%).

Regarding consumption habits, connected TVs haven’t yet completely taken the place of traditional TVs. Although users watch TV through connected devices almost every day, it is during prime time when the connected screens are most used.

The video-on-demand (VOD) platforms are also popular among connected TV owners. 78% say they use VOD to catch up with shows they were not able to watch on schedule. Over 60% of them say they don’t rent or buy physical movies any more, as they can watch them online though different platforms.

Thus, the online video sites are also increasing their visitors. 96% of Internet users watch video online, with films and series among the favourite content. Youtube (71%) and the VOD platforms Google TV (14%), Yomvi (12%) and Wuaki (11%) are the most used platforms.

“The digital world has arrived to the offline device par excellence, pointing to a new wave which is going to change consumption habits and ads investments,” said Javier Clarke, mobile and new media director at IAB Spain.

“We are facing a big challenge, the need of producing and developing the best advertising formats to get to this new kind of viewer,” added Scott McCarthy, director of YuMe, a multiscreen digital video advertising company. “The connected TV in Spain has become a reality.”

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