Spanish-language computer hits the U.S. market

Fox News Latino
Published June 21, 2011

Los Angeles –  Dell has launched a new laptop computer with its operating system and keyboard in Spanish, an option introduced to satisfy the demand among the growing Hispanic market, especially adults.

“The computers with the operating system and keyboard in Spanish are being bought by Hispanic customers who for the first time are going to have a computer at home,” Jose Tovar, the supervisor of the computer sales department in the Los Angeles outlet of department store chain La Curacao, told Efe.

“For people who don’t speak English and who have never used a computer, it’s going to be a little more difficult to learn to use one in English. However, with this Dell Inspiron S2800 computer it makes it easier to navigate with the programs in Spanish,” he added.

The Dell Inspiron IM5030/S2800 is being sold exclusively in La Curacao’s 8 stores in California and one in Phoenix.

“They arrived at our store at the beginning of June and the first dozen sold out quickly. So, we had to order more. Just at this store so far we’ve sold 20,” said Tovar about the laptop that retails for $479.99.

“We’ve seen that there are adults who consult with their kids about buying a computer. We’re seeing that adults are motivated to learn to use a computer in Spanish with the help of their kids who generally speak English and at school are learning to use computers,” he said.

Xiomara Mejia, a 42-year-old immigrant from Honduras, told Efe that she and her husband Jose Aleman were happy to find a laptop in Spanish.

“For me, it’s an excellent idea to make computers in Spanish because I want it for my two children and a grandchild who are going to school. But for myself, too. I know a few words of English, but in Spanish you learn more easily,” Mejia said.

“At home, we have another desk computer, but it’s in English, and so I feel it’s a little more difficult to use and with this one, we’ve only had it for eight days and I feel like everything is easier because it’s in Spanish and is very inexpensive,” she added.

Denise Luarca, a computer salesperson at La Curacao, told Efe that some customers have been commenting to her that they want to send laptops in Spanish to their children, relatives or godchildren in Mexico and Central America.

Julia Lobos, 65, is originally from Guatemala and last Saturday Luarca showed her how the Dell Inspiron IM5030/S2800 works.

“To me, inventions like these are important because a person and the children can send them to our countries where Spanish is spoken and often there they have to put in (the code) … for how to make the �� and with this computer you don’t have to do that because there’s a key for the ��,” Lobos said.