Seth Godin on When You Should Start Marketing Your Product, Service, or Idea


What is marketing?

Is it a process of gathering as much money as you can,throwing it to the “creative” winds, and hoping somethingwill come back?

Is it a practice of interrupting as many people as possible with a message they don’t care about, and never asked to receive?

Is it a performance you frantically stage around your product, service, or idea, in the final moments before launching it into the world?

Or is it something else entirely? And if it is, how and when do we employ it?

Seth Godin has been asking, answering, and living out these questions for decades. In the process, he’s written thirteen best-selling books, built dozens of companies, and crafted one of the most influential blogs on the planet.

He’s on the show today, delivering a fast and elemental definition of marketing, and what it means to engage an audience in the post-industrial era. Don’t miss this …

In this episode we discuss:

  • Seth’s definition of marketing
  • When you should start marketing your product, service, or idea
  • Why running a ton of ads just doesn’t work anymore
  • The most important element of good marketing
  • The most dangerous element of bad marketing
  • How the Internet builds trust, and why you must get it
  • A stunning example of breaking out of the old marketing system

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