Samsung’s Tomorrow: How Twitter has become its go-to place to launch new phones and products

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5th March 2012 by

Samsung’s mobile charge is no fluke. The company’s range of Galaxy S smartphones have fused the very latest technologies with industry-leading hardware.

Combined sales of its Galaxy S and Galaxy S II smartphones exceed the 40 million mark, with the latter surpassing 20 million units shipped in 10 months. Whilst it’s some way off Apple’s 37 million iPhones shipped in one quarter, the Galaxy S II is thought to be the most popular Android smartphone to date.

Given the success of the Galaxy S lineup, consumers are increasingly looking to see what Samsung has planned for its next flagship device — the Galaxy S III.

Rumours have swirled around the possible launch of the Galaxy S III since the beginning of the year, when the Korean vendor announced that it would not hold a press event at this year’s Mobile World Congress, choosing to unveil its new smartphone later in the year at a dedicated event, sometime in Q2.

This set off a chain of reports that suggested the Galaxy S III would come in March, at an event in France. We later revealed this was not the case. More recently, reports have touted mid-April for a potential launch, after an Asian marketing company suggested plans would soon come together for a big London Olympic launch.

However, Samsung took to Twitter — via its official Samsung Tomorrow account — to dispel the rumours: