Preferred Types Of Digital Content
Posted by Richard Barth
Jan 032012

Yahoo!, Mindshare and Value Added recently collaborated on a study in 2011 titled Ethnodynamics: Understanding the Principles to Multicultural Marketing.

Among the findings were a list of preferred types of digital content according to U.S. internet users by race and ethnicity

Top 10 categories:

Food/recipes: Hispanic (59%), Asian(54%), Black(38%), White(25%)

Cultural events:  Hispanic (58%), Asian(49%), Black(41%), White(23%)

Music: Hispanic (56%), Black(52%), Asian(42%), White(23%)

Parenting/family: Hispanic (54%), Asian(45%), White(23%)

News related to specific ethnicity: Hispanic (53%), Asian(53%), Black(43%)

Restaurants: Asian(54%), Hispanic (53%)

General news: Hispanic (52%)

Entertainment news(celebrity/gossip news): Hispanic (51%)

Religion: Hispanic (51%), Asian(40%), Black(39%), White(20%)

Local news: Hispanic (48%)

Categories that made the top 10 of non-Hispanics that were not in the Hispanic top 10 included:

Asian:  World news(49%), TV shows(43%)

Black: Beauty(49%), TV shows(39%), Fashion/style(38%), Plays/theatre(35%), Health/nutrition/wellness(34%)

White: Beauty(24%), Fashion/style(22%), TV shows(22%),Dating(22%)