Next Steps for Radio and Print Journalism in Africa 2012

by Jonathan Marks
February 2012

It’s World Radio Day 2012 as I wrote this update. I am revisiting this video because just as newspapers in Europe and North America are looking for new business models, broadcasters and publishers in developing countries need to re-examine the way they operate, especially as funding from non-government organisations is either reduced or drying up altogether. Some stations have focused on reaching as many people as possible, but not done much to make worthwhile content. But new alliances with mobile operators, as well as offering useful services to the community, may be a way forward. The exact mix varies per country.

In this briefing, I collected the views of Dr Mary Myers, a brilliant researcher who’s spent many years studying and consulting to radio stations, Prof Harry Dugmore who is looking into mobile and media alliances, and Eric Chinje, a former journalist now with the Worldbank. The video is intended to start a conversation on what needs to change so that journalists can build at least part of their career in radio.