New Russian Doc Channel Launches in Europe, MENA Region

WorldScreen – Article Information:
July 2011

MOSCOW: RTDoc, a new 24-hour English-language channel under the Russia Today (RT) umbrella, has launched to more than 120 million households across Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa.

RTDoc will air exclusive documentaries about Russia, produced in-house. RTDoc’s reach covers network subscribers in Germany, Ireland, Portugal and Bulgaria. In the United States and Canada, more than a million viewers can watch RTDoc on the IPTV Roku system. Viewers can also watch RTDoc online at the RTD.RT.COM.

“Cable operators welcome documentary content in their networks because it remains invariably popular with audiences,” said Margarita Simonyan, RT’s editor-in-chief. “Viewers tire of dynamic news streams and switch to ethnographic and educational formats. We’re launching a new documentary channel about Russia exactly for the purpose of giving the viewer this alternative.”