Music brings $9.7 billion into Nashville annually

31 July 2013, 11:16 | By

Nashville is, of course, known for its music. But according to a new study by the Nashville Area Chamber Of Commerce, the Tennessee city has over four times the number of music industry jobs that are found in other areas of the US. Plus, overall the music industry contributes $9.65 billion to the area’s economy each year.


The city’s mayor Karl Dean told The Tennessean: “The music business is such an important part of the city’s identity and its economy that having concrete information about its true impact is important to us”.

Of course, with the music industry rapidly changing, Dean says the challenge now is to continue bringing musical investment into Nashville, something he is committed to supporting.

He went on: “Whether it all comes to fruition while I’m mayor or afterwards, I think it’s a worthy endeavour. We don’t have a specific goal. I think my job, and the chamber’s job, is to create a city that has economic opportunity for our citizens and that is dynamic and has an expanding tax base”.

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