Moms Have Marketers Thinking Mobile


August 2011

Aby David Bohan

At an American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As) conference, one presenter commented that mobile advertising was the “next new thing” for the last eight years. It seems the adoption of smartphone by Moms have made marketers finally understand the potential for mobile.

In a recent Washington Post story, Marshal Cohen, chief retail analyst at research firm NPD Group said, “We’ve known about the opportunity of online Moms for a while now, but then mobile technology came along and blew everything up.”

Blew up, indeed; Moms are adopting smartphone technology quicker than all adults. In the first quarter of 2011, smartphone purchases by Moms grew by 132% versus the previous year. Media research giant, Nielsen, has branded smartphone women “power Moms.”

Consumer electronic review and shopping site found that parents who own iPhones are more likely to be social on Facebook and are overall more digitally active than the average parent. Retrevo has coined the term iParents to describe this digitally connected cohort.

But by whatever name, some good advice came from Maire Griffin of LivingSocial, “We know Mom is CEO of the house … we need to make things easier for her and help her find the efficiency in her life she’s searching for.”