Middle East digital TV penetration to hit 118% by 2018

NexTV Africa Middle East

by November 6, 2014

Digital TV penetration across Middle East is forecast to rise from 73.2% end-2013 to 118% in 2018 according to the latest forecasts published by Dataxis. Overall pay-TV penetration is also expected to rise from 13.1% to 21.1% during the same period from 5.84 million subs in 2013 to 10.79 million at the end of the period.

Dataxis estimates that digital satellite pay-TV users will rise 84.8% from 3.81 million to 7.05 million, while digital satellite FTA households will rise 34.6% from 21.96 millionto 29.56 million over the same period.

FTA analogue households will drop 92.4% from 20.07 million to 1.53 million, while FTA DTT will rise from 4.96 million to 20.03 million. At the same time, Dataxis forecasts pay-DTT subs will number 440,000 end-2018.

Basic Cable TV subs will drop from 890,000 to 736,000, while IPTV is forecast to grow from 1.09 million end-2013 to 2.42 million end-2018.

The overall TV penetration of households across the Middle East will rise from 92.7% to 93.2% in 2018 – equivalent of 51.05 million households.