Internet is the #1 Medium in Brazil

Latin Link
By Sergio Kligin
on May 21, 2012 in Advertising

Internet is the #1 Medium in BrazilThis post is also available in: Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)

The title of this post may seem like a bold statement or an exaggeration. After all, TV has a penetration rate of over 90% in Brazil and commands most of the country’s ad spend. Magazines and newspapers are also flourishing in Brazil, setting new records for circulation, subscriptions and revenue. While Brazil now has 85 million Internet users, penetration is only at 44% since the population is estimated to be 192 million.
So how can the Internet be #1 in Brazil? A new survey of more than 2,000 Brazilians—done by comScore and presented at ProXXima Sao Paulo by IAB Brasil president Fabio Coelho—offers some reasons why we can draw this conclusion.

First of all, 42% of respondents say they spend 2 or more hours a day online—only 25% of them watch TV for this amount of time. When asked what they would do if they had an extra 15 free minutes during the day, 33% of them said they would surf the Internet. This was the #1 option, followed by going on social networks, at 13%. In contrast, only 11% of Brazilians said they would watch TV with those extra 15 minutes a day. As such, 3 times more Brazilians preferred to use this extra time for going online than for watching TV.
In addition, this kind of response wasn’t just limited to younger people. Among respondents who were 55 or older, 34% preferred to surf the Internet with those extra 15 minutes and just 15% said they would use that time to watch TV.

Coelho also said that the research shows that the Internet is the medium people use the most in a typical day, whether at work or in school. The data clearly supports this. In the morning, 14% of respondents said they read the newspaper, whereas 69% went online at that time of the day. In the evening, 78% of the respondents said they went online while only 46% watched TV.

Another of the study’s interesting findings had to do with receptiveness to Internet ads. In general, respondents said that they considered online ads to be creative and rich in content. TV seemed to outshine Internet in one aspect: 44% of respondents said that TV ads were memorable, more than the 36% who said that Internet ads were memorable. However, almost half of the respondents (49%) said that Internet ads are more creative and innovative than those on TV.

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