How Young Brazilians Use Mobile Devices

How Young Brazilians Use Mobile Devices

Research firm E.Life recently surveyed more than 500 Brazilians from around the country and from different socioeconomic classes to understand better how they use mobile devices. Below we recap the key study results to help marketers, advertisers and media professionals optimize their mobile ad campaigns in Brazil.

#1 Young people in Brazil are more likely to use smartphones than tablets to access the Internet
The survey results indicated that 91% of Brazilians between 15 and 24 use theirsmartphones to go online, while only 42% use tablets. Brazilians aged 25 to 65 also show heavy use of smartphones to access the Internet (nearly 94%) but are more likely to use tablets (nearly 53%).
If you’re targeting by socioeconomic class, nearly 91% of Brazilians from classes AB access the Internet with smartphones and 57% use tablets.

#2 The Different Uses Brazilians Have for Mobile Devices
According to the survey results, smartphones, laptops and tablets each have specific uses among young Brazilians:

  • Smartphones: social media, messaging, photos, answering email
  • Tablets: watching videos, playing games and reading
  • Laptops: e-commerce, working, answering emails and Internet searching

#3 Social Media Apps Are the Most Popular
According to e.Life’s results, nearly 98% of class AB Brazilians use social media apps, while 97% of class C Brazilians use them. Social apps seem to be slightly more popular among Brazilians aged 25-65 (98.6%) than among those aged 15-24 (96%).
Besides social, top apps among Brazilians aged 15 to 24 are music/video/photo apps (93%), maps (91%) and games (90%). For Brazilians aged 25 to 65, besides social apps, the only app type to score more than 90% were navigation apps (96%), though music (86%) and games (84%) are also popular. In previous articles we have discussedthe growth of mobile commerce in Brazil, so it wasn’t a surprise to see that 71% of Brazilians aged 25 to 65 are using bank apps.

#4 Buying, Promotion and Discount Apps Score Low
When segmenting the results by class and age group, Classes AB, Class  C, 15-24 and 25-65 all indicated the lowest use of buying/promotion/discount apps, an average of around 45% across all these segments.

#5 Brazilians are Resistant to Paying for Apps
Nearly 60% of Brazilians aged 15-24 don’t pay anything for apps; the same applies to nearly 52% of class AB Brazilians and nearly 56% of those from Class C. Around 21% of Brazilians aged 15-24 spend R$ 10 to R$ 30 (US$5 to US$15) per month on apps, while 27% of Brazilians aged 25-65 spend that range every month. Well over 50% of Brazilians aged 15-25, 25-65, Classes AB and Class C all say that they don’t seek to spend money on apps.

#6 Tablets Are for Consuming Online Content and Social Media
Among Brazilian mobile users, the main uses reported for tablets are accessing social media (38.6%), reading books & magazines (37%), searching (36.7%), watching videos (36%) and receiving emails. Tablets scored much lower for Internet banking (19.7%), playing online games (20.9%), using geolocalization sites like Foursquare (24%) and looking at online maps (31%).

#7 Young Brazilians Are More Likely to Watch TV Shows or Movies on Mobile Devices
Nearly 61% of Brazilians between 15 and 24 say they watch movies with their mobile devices, while 57% watch TV shows. In contrast, only 40% of Brazilians 25-65 use their mobile devices for watching movies and TV. Class C is slightly more likely to do this (49.7%) than Classes AB (44%).

#8 Books and Magazines Are Even More Popular on Mobile Devices
While watching TV and movies on mobile devices scored high with young Brazilians, consuming traditional media scored even higher. Around 71% of Brazilians aged 15-24 report reading books on mobile devices, while 67% read magazines and 58% read newspapers. In comparison, nearly 80% of Brazilians aged 25 to 65 read magazines on mobile devices, 79% read books with mobile devices and nearly 71% read newspapers with them.

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