How Brazilians Use Social Media


August 2012

by Bruno Almeida
JULY 18, 2012 in

How Brazilians Use Social Media

As social networks continue to grow in both Brazil and Latin America, it’s important to understand the details of how Internet users in Brazil access and participate in social media. A new study from research offers up these details, which should be helpful for media, marketing and advertising professionals to target this audience the most effective way possible.

Conducted from November 2011 to February 2012,’s survey had a sample size of 1.316 social media users in Brazil—and in fact, the company used social networks to circulate the survey questionnaire.

Here’s a look at key results.

Signing Up to Social Networks
• Nearly 60% of of Brazilian social media users have signed up to a social network in the past 3 months
• The social media sites that Brazilians signed up for the most in the past 3 months are Facebook (27.5%) and Google Plus (27%), with Twitter coming in third (11.8%) and YouTube fourth (9.4%)

It’s interesting to note that the survey did not list new signups for Orkut in significant percentages.

Shopping Habits
• 65% of Brazilian social media users who responded to the survey shop online
• 45% look for information online and shop offline
• 41% use social networks to look for information about products
• 2 out of 3 use the Internet to publish feedback about products or services
• 74% “like” companies on Facebook
• 54% follow companies on Twitter

Accessing Social Networks
• 68% of Brazilian social media users access social networks via apps
• The most popular apps for Brazilian social media users are E-Buddy (35%), Tweetdeck (31.9%) and Hootsuite (11.4%)
• App use among Brazilian social media users doubled between 2011 and 2012

The Most Popular Social Media Sites in Brazil
When asked by which social media sites they were on, the vast majority of Brazilians said Facebook. Here’s a quick look at which social sites are the most popular in Brazil as per the survey responses:

#1 Facebook (94% of respondents are on it)
#2 Orkut (75%)
#3 Twitter (73%)
#4 YouTube (69%)
#5 Windows Live (66.9%)
#6 Google Plus (56%)
#7 Skype (53%)
#8 LinkedIn (24%)
#9 Blogger (23%)
#10 Flickr (19.6%)

Now, comScore results for May 2012 paints a slightly different picture of which are the top social media sites in Brazil:

#1 Facebook (41 million unique users or uu)
#2 Orkut (25 million)
#3 Twitter (11 million)
#4 Tumblr (4.4 million)
#5 LinkedIn (4.3 million)
#6 Scribd (4.3 million)
#7 Slideshare (3.3 million)
#8 Vostu (3.2 million)
#9 Badoo (2.1 million)
#10 Scribd (1.7 million)

In part, the differences between the survey and comScore are due to classifications. YouTube, for example, is classified as Entertainment-Multimedia by comScore, not as social media. In May 2012 in Brazil, YouTube drew 34.5 million users, which would make it the #2 social media site. Also, Google Plus was not listed under the social networking category by comScore, but it is important to note that in May 2012 it drew 5 million users in Brazil.

Social Media Frequency of Use
When asked which sites they used most frequently, Brazilians said Facebook: 88.9% said it was the site they used the most. Twitter came in second at 41%, followed by Windows  Live Messenger (34.3%), Orkut (31.7%) and YouTube (21.7%).

Facebook Users in Brazil
• 68.5% use apps to access social media and the most popular mobile app among them is the one designed for Android
• 70% of Brazilian Facebook users access the Internet via desktops, while 60% use notebooks and 56% use mobile phones or smartphones.