Hispanic And Gambling

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Posted by Richard Barth
Aug 30, 2011

It seems very logical to me. Hire Spanish speaking casino employees.  Add Spanish signage. Book Latino entertainers. Encourage a family friendly atmosphere. Taylor loyalty rewards to your audience. Attract customers from proven local and regional geographies. Watch casino attendance and profits increase.

Las Vegas, right? Or Laughlin?  How about Primm, Nevada.  A terrific article in today’s NY Times is titled “Casino Town Puts Its Money on Hispanic Market” and talks about the success of their marketing strategy.

My research uncovered data that shows Southern California is the perfect testing ground. According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority 26% of visitors to Las Vegas came from Southern California in 2010.

The Laughlin Visitors Bureau’s 2010 Visitor’s Profile Report shows 32% of tourists to Laughlin Nevada came from Southern California.

Let’s look at both national and regional statistics. Scarborough’s 2011 Multi-Market Study of the nation’s top 77 markets and their 2011 Los Angeles DMA Study were the perfect place to start.

44% of Hispanic adults nationally bought a lottery ticket in the past 30 days. That was 11% more than non-Hispanic adults. L.A. DMA Hispanics adults had similar lottery ticket purchasing patterns.

Nationally, Hispanics were only 8% less likely to visit a casino in the past 12 months than non-Hispanics. In Southern California Hispanics were 23% less likely. Still, 32% of Hispanics nationally and 36.5% of Hispanics regionally visited a casino in the past 12 months.

Casinos offer a variety of activities. L.A. DMA Hispanics had an increased propensity to take part in all casino activities at slightly higher levels than Hispanics nationally. For example, 28.3% of L.A. DMA Hispanic adults played slots at a casino in the last 12 months compared to 25.2% of Hispanics nationally and 27.4% of non-Hispanics nationally.

L.A. DMA casino activities in the past 12 months by Hispanics include 9.2% going to a bar/nightclub, 8.6% going to an upscale restaurant, 8.1% playing table games and 7.2% watching a stage show. Both nationally and regionally non-Hispanics had a higher propensity to do those additional casino activities.

My buddies have been planning the annual October Las Vegas trip. Now I’m anxious to see how Las Vegas casinos’ targeted promotions at our demographic and lifestyle characteristics measure up to the Primm Nevada model of success.