Gaming Reaches Half of Web Users in Brazil

APR 18, 2013

Most gamers clock more hours playing

More than half of adult internet users in Brazil are now gamers, according to an October 2012 survey from Hi-Midia and M.sense, and just over half of this group said they were playing more now than ever before. It’s also notable that the percentage of gamers would probably be significantly higher if younger consumers were included in the sample, since gaming generally skews young.

The average amount of time spent playing online, video and mobile games increased to 4 hours per week, and more than one-third of online gamers in the country said they played games for over 4 hours per week.

The PC remains the platform of choice for gamers, at 72% of online gamers. But the mobile gaming audience is close on the PC’s heels, with 71% playing preinstalled games on mobile phones. It’s probable that as smartphones reach more consumers in Brazil, mobile gaming will exceed PC gaming penetration. The study also grouped social games played via mobile under a separate category of online games. Adding in mobile social gamers would likely drive the mobile gaming audience figure even higher.

Video game consoles have not become obsolete either. Just over one-third of gamers still used them.

Monetizing games may not be easy in Brazil, where nearly nine in 10 said they played free games. But 60% did say they would pay for updates, upgrades or different functions in their games, suggesting the potential for in-game revenues.

Strategy, action and adventure games topped the list of online games played. First-person shooters and multiplayer games were the least popular.