Fantastic Publicity For Stories My Nana Tells

Feb 2011 – In The Press
Stories My Nana Tells

The Victoria Park Examiner recently sent a reporter, Kate Murphy, to interview Lesley Dewar and get the background behind Stories My Nana Tells.  Lesley and Kate had a great chat and the story that Kate has written is excellent.

It tells how Lesley was planning a trip to LA for a Women’s Small Business Expo and afterwards have a holiday in Toronto, before going to Paris.

Instead, the trip has turned into a ten city tour of the US and Canada – showcasing Stories My Nana Tells – from New York to Miami and beyond.

As Lesley says – Paris will have to wait.  The story is attached.  Check it out!  Kate Murphy’s story about Stories My Nana Tells in The Victoria Park Examiner

Lesley will be emailing reports and pictures back to Kate as she tours the US and Canada so their readers can keep up to date with all the happenings. Lesley had been featured in The Victoria Park Examiner before, too, as a Twittering Grandmother. In June 2010, the Victoria Park Examiner writes about Lesley Dewar and Twitter

On Tuesday, Lesley met with Ariel Hyatt of Ariel Publicity in New York, here in Perth. See Ariel’s site here – she is huge in New York

Ariel is on a tour of Australia, supporting local musicians who need overseas publicity and was sponsored out here by WAM (West Australian Music Industry Association).  The meeting was set up by one of Lesley’s contacts on LinkedIn, from Los Angeles.  Thank you to Peggy Dold, in LA, for connecting me with Ariel Hyatt from New York – right here in Perth, Western Australia. Ariel mentioned how far away from the rest of the world Perth (and Australia) seems to be. That is not stopping us from bringing Stories My Nana Tells to you!

After an hour or so, Ariel said she believes that Stories My Nana Tells will go “gangbusters” in the US and she will help set up an event for Lesley when she gets to New York. Offered to help get tickets to see The Lion King, too.

There are are very exciting times ahead for Stories My Nana Tells – going global.  And before that, Lesley is off to Brisbane, on Monday Feb28,  to showcase Stories My Nana Tells at the Women’s Network Lunch and other women’s events. Stories My Nana Tells has also been  featured in the Connect2Mums digital magazine this month.  Our page in the AusMumpreneurs Magazine this month.