Classical Piano Playing App Breaks New Ground

Sept. 27

“Glenn Gould dreamed of using technology to break down barriers between performers, audiences, and composers, in order to revitalize the classical music scene”

TMV’s Australian staff writer reviews a new mobile app for classical piano playing.

Classical music has now become ‘cool’ with the new music app, Piano Invention, making its way to iPhones and iPads. The technology was inspired by the vision of Glenn Gould, a Canadian pianist, and was brought to life by Pocomosso (Shaun Elder and Pablo Joseph), developer of music creation apps.

This free app offers a new way for children and music students to play and create music, whilst learning how music is composed for the piano. Each piece of music has a back story and is matched with beautiful illustrations which I believe will help engage the younger audiences.

Piano Invention provides history of music, looking at the baroque, classical, romantic, and post-romantic periods. The other feature is the customisation and recording aspect of this app. Touching multiple points on the illustrated images in which you receive notes and chords to remix and use in your own works or to customize the songs provided.

This allows you to download sheet music to play, and offers chords and pre-recorded samples which you can work with before uploading and sharing on YouTube or Facebook. Some of the chord samples are those that have influenced the genres of film, jazz and pop which aims to help children learn improvisation skills, and better their keyboard performance.

Piano Invention can be seen as somewhat a ‘game’, allowing users to have fun whilst creating, recording and sharing compositions. It is a great way to be inspired, and to inspire others with your work! They lay out objects within the illustration, allowing you to use your fingers to make music. If you save a track, you can record more over the top with such ease, having downloaded and played on the app myself.
I would love to see something like this for non-classical music as well, as I think the concept is great, and is a great way to get young audiences involved and wanting to use their creativity.

*The free download includes two songs: Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, and Bach’s Prelude in C (more can be purchased).
**To celebrate Gould the visionary, Piano Invention invites students and listeners around the world to create a short piece using the app, and post it to Glenn Gould @80 Online Tribute (from within the app).

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