China Has The Most Online Video Viewers In The World !

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By Herman Lai,
posted Aug 27, 2012
Re-Post OCtober 2012


As China’s broadband connection speed is becoming faster, watching online video is becoming more favorable for the folks in China. According to a survey made by National Purchase Diary Group, China is now considered as the most online-video-friendly country.

The survey interviewed 14,000 consumers from 14 countries, which found Chinese consumers in urban areas are considered the most likely group to watch videos through the web. The report says it’s because Chinese users can access a lot more video contents online than they can from domestic broadcasters and pay-TV providers.

ppstream1PPS, the most popular desktop software for watching online video in China

Although China has a massive load of people watching online videos, the local industry doesn’t seem to be a lucrative sector. Basically, it’s because of the rising costs of acquiring and streaming video content, and the fragmented Chinese online video market. Last week, the two China’s biggest online video platforms — Youku and Tudou, announced the completion of the merger in order to cut costs as well as boost their market share to strengthen its position.

The survey also includes a table which shows desktop and laptop are considered as the most popular devices that Chinese consumers use for watching online video contents. But in fact, overall PCs have a higher penetration than tablets, therefore that may be the reason why PCs still prove more popular than tablets and smartphones as a place to watch online video. The table also indicates TV is a popular device for online video consumption, mainly because Chinese consumers are becoming rich and there’s increasingly lots of TVs with built-in internet available in the market.

SOURCE: NPD via TechCrunch