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Los Tigres del Norte Breaks Boundaries

Heroes to Millions, Unknown to Most Los Tigres del Norte, largely invisible to mainstream English-speaking America, have sold millions of records in their 45 years together.
JUNE 27, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS — About four hours before a Friday night show late last month, the five members of Los Tigres del Norte, the premier band in the accordion-driven musical genre known as norteño, were quietly eating dinner at the restaurant of their hotel here. None of the other diners seemed to have any notion of who they were, and neither did the staff — until a Spanish-speaking waiter spotted them and shyly approached their table.

“Is it really you?” he asked Jorge Hernández, the lead singer and oldest of the brothers and cousins who make up the band. “I can’t believe you’re here at our hotel. What an honor this is!” Mr. Hernández politely acknowledged his identity, replying “at your service,” and with that, a waitress sidled over, asking for an autograph. Soon, word spread to the kitchen, and cooks and dishwashers began excitedly peeking out, smiling and waving and calling out “Bienvenidos!”

Though they have made more than 50 albums and sold millions of records in their 45 years together, Los Tigres are all but invisible to mainstream English-speaking America. But to the country’s growing Spanish-speaking population — especially the many Mexican and Central American immigrants who do the scut work in fields, construction sites, factories and hospitals — they are idols who sing, from personal experience, of trying to make a new life in a strange new country.

“The problems our audience has, we once had, and I think they can sense that in us when we are onstage,” Mr. Hernández, 62, said later in the weekend during a ride on the band’s bus from Des Moines to Omaha, part of the group’s ever more-frequent tours of the American heartland. “They identify with us, and we with them. They see themselves mirrored in us.” (more…)

Francois Hasdenteufel, Advertising, Television, and Film Composer

January 2015


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Welcome to the website of composer Mike Sheppard.

His published works for performance include music for choirs, orchestras and jazz ensembles. His 2010 album The Soul Rests Eternal , featuring cellist Caroline Dale with the English Chamber Orchestra, was Radio 3′s ‘Presenter’s Choice’ and Classic FM’s ‘Sunday Best’.

He has created music for film, TV and advertising in a wide range of styles and genres from orchestral filmscore to string quartet; from choral orchestral to jazz and big band. His media music can be heard in a wide variety of commercial settings – from children’s TV (Brum for BBC) to TV Drama (Marple / Poirot for LWT / Granada); from advertising (Sony PlayStation 3) to film (Bill of Mortality / Saving Lives).

In 2011 the BBC Concert Orchestra made his works the centrepiece of a live broadcast concert that featured a 20 minute interview with the composer in the interval. That interview can be heard on the Concert Music page on this website.

Since 2010 he has pursued his passion for choral writing in recordings with the internationally acclaimed choir Tenebrae. (more…)

Backstage con Montserrat Oliver
In Style Moments

Por  | Jueves 09 de agosto de 2012

La guapa conductora, actual portada de InStyle, posó con creaciones de Stella McCartney, Alexia Ulibarri, Chloé, Cacharel y Just Cavalli.


“Pensamos en Montserrat porque es un personaje muy divertido y, como estaba a punto de irse a las Olimpiadas, había mucho que queríamos que nos platicara”, nos cuenta la editora adjunta de InStyle, Itziar Carracedo. “Nuestra intención es mostrarla tal como es: relajada y cool, como si estuviera en cualquier día normal, no en pose de modelo”.

Los Tigres Turn Up The Heat On Mexican Folk Songs

April 26, 2012

Some of the hottest artists in Latin music descend on Miami for the annual Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards. All week long, host Michel Martin hears from Jasmine Garsd and Felix Contreras, co-hosts of NPR Music’s Alt.Latino podcast. Today they look at Los Tigres del Norte and their hugely popular take on Corridos, or ballads.


Right now some of the hottest artists in Latin music are in Miami for the annual Billboard Latin Music Conference and Awards. Those awards celebrate the most popular musicians in business innovators in Latin music.

Now if you are not an expert on Latin music, do not worry. We have you covered. Here to guide us, Jasmine Garsd and Felix Contreras. They are co-hosts of the NPR Podcast Alt.Latino. They’ve been with us this week to tell us which artists to keep an eye on. (more…)


January 2012

Juanjo Dominguez

April 2011

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Los Tigres Del Norte Entertains KC

Famous Latino Band Performs In KCK

Kansas City News 5:  April 8, 2010
UPDATED:  April 9, 2010               Image result for los-tigres-del-norte-photos

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A famous Latino band that has won 10 Grammys and sold millions of albums worldwide made a stop in Kansas City recently.Los Tigres del Norte — the Tigers from the North — performed to a sold-out crowd at the Bermudas hall in Kansas City, Kan.Before the group hit the state, the famous Mexican band went to Oak Park Mall to meet hundreds of their screaming fans.Many of the shoppers at the mall were wondering what was going on when the group arrived. Most of them had never heard of Los Tigres. But in the Spanish-speaking community, they are legends, selling 35 million albums. (more…)