Appitalism is the world’s biggest app store

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Tim Green

by Tim Green
Wednesday, June 22nd 2011

Appitalism is the world's biggest app store

By number of apps; iTunes sixth, Android Market 11th, Ovi 18th.

A new report by Netsize, Application Store Billing, contains a stack of statistical info and includes some fascinating data on the relative size of the world’s app stores.

It reveals that Appitalism is home to 719,715 products, of which 361,568 are free. This compares with 392,871 for iTunes, 190,067 for Android and 40,000 for Ovi.

Other notables include GetJar in 13th place with 151,723 apps and BlackBerry App World at 21st with 31,612.

Second and third behind Appitalism are the relatively obscure Chomp Directory and Appolicious.

Of course, quantity of apps is only one way to measure an app store’s size. In terms of numbers of downloads, for example, Apple is miles ahead of the rest with 14bn to date.

Netsize’s report incorporates analysis of emerging mobile device ecosystems and application store trends, drawing from research by ABI Research, Chetan Sharma Consulting, Deutsche Bank, Juniper Research and VisionMobile.

It can be downloaded for free here.

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