Android to permeate living room

Mobile Entertainment

by Tim Green
Re-Post August 2011

It’s not just about tablets and smartphones, says IMS.

There will be an installed base of 140m Android devices by the end of 2011, the research firm forecasts.

But the release of Google’s Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) for tablets, it argues, will extend the OS into all manner of connected devices including TV sets.

This should create new opportunities, especially for ‘triple play’ providers.

“Pay-TV operators, which have traditionally been tethered to the living room, can expand the reach of their brands to multiple portable platforms with apps development,” said Anna Hunt, principal analyst at IMS.

“Android was present in nearly 125 million connected devices shipped in 2010 and this is only expected to increase in 2011.

“Such reach into consumers’ hands means more operators will be developing apps that enable subscribers to purchase and consume content on new portable platforms and explore new convergence applications, such as controlling your on-demand service on the TV set via the smartphone.”