A fifth of US Netflix users have cut the cord

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Michelle Clancy | 19-07-2013

A full 20% of Netflix subscribers have reported that they’ve cancelled their pay-TV subscriptions, according to the latest study from Cowen and Co on the subject.

eMarketer says that this raises the question as to whether more Netflix subscribers could soon become cord-cutters.

To put it in perspective, nearly three-quarters of Netflix subscribers in the US still kept their cable, satellite or telecom pay-TV subscriptions.

“Cord-cutting is typically associated with those in the youngest age bracket, and the survey found this to hold somewhat true,” eMarketer noted. “However, there was also a notable propensity to cut the cord among Netflix subscribers between 30-44 years old, with 41% having cut pay-TV. Overall, this age group was more likely to subscribe to Netflix than 18- 29-year-old respondents.”

Netflix continues to gain in penetration: in total, the study found that more than four in ten US consumers subscribed to Netflix or used a Netflix account. Cord-cutters reported watching an average 8.1 hours of Netflix content per week, while total Netflix subscribers watched 6.7 hours on average.

Those between 45-60 years old were actually the most likely to be Netflix streaming customers, at 33%, but only 17% of this group had cut the cord.

The majority of Netflix streamers reported watching the service on their PC, followed by streaming via a video game console connected to the TV, at 38%, eMarketer noted. Tablets, used by 37% of respondents, were actually almost as popular a method, and indicative of tablets’ growing role in digital video viewing.