5 Top Trends in Latin America’s Mobile Market

5 Top Trends in Latin America’s Mobile MarketNovember 2012
by Javier Montanaro@US Media Consulting on SEPTEMBER 13, 2012 inINTERNETLATIN AMERICAMOBILEONLINE

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As Latin America’s use of mobile devices has surged, a number of different trends have emerged. Below we identify 5 key ones to help marketers and media professionals refine their mobile campaigns and obtain optimal results.

#1        Four Latam countries are among the fastest-growing Android and iOS markets
According to Flurry, a mobile application analytics firm, a number of Latin Americancountries are among the fastest-growing iOS and Android markets in terms of active devices. While China is #1 with 401% growth in terms of adoption, Chile is second with 279% growth in terms of smart devices, followed by Brazil (220%), Argentina (217%), and Mexico (193%).

#2        Latin American smartphone sales to hit 145 million
This is the projection from Pyramid Research for 2017—and it will be a fourfold increase compared to 2011. Here’s a look at recent numbers in smartphone sales for major Latam markets:

#3          By 2013, tablet sales to hit $3.7 billion in Latin America
Figures from research firm Euromonitor indicate that retail value sales of tablets in Latin America will reach US$1.2 billion in 2012 and triple to $3.7 billion by next year. The firm projects that Brazil will be responsible for the majority of 2013 sales of tablets, reaching US$1.7 billion.

Here’s a look at specific tablet sales figures for key Latam markets.

#4        Most Latin American countries have more mobile lines than people
According to data shared by the International Union of Telecommunications during La Cumbre Conectar las Américas, 20 of the 33 countries in Latin America have more mobile subscriptions than people, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Peru and Uruguay.

#5        iOS dominates Latam mobile market—except in Argentina
According to comScore’s March 2012 Device Essentials report, devices using the iOS operating system account for most of the mobile traffic in major Latin American markets. Argentina is the one exception. Here’s how the mobile traffic percentages break down by country:

  • Argentina: 31% of mobile traffic iOS, 44.5% of mobile traffic Android
  • Brazil: 58% iOS, 23.7% Android
  • Chile: 54.9% iOS, 33.4% Android
  • Mexico: 59.3% iOS, 22.8% Android

The December 2011 Device Essentials report from comScore showed a similar dominance of iOS in Latin America—except in Argentina:

  • Argentina: 27.5% iOS, 33% Android
  • Brazil: 60% iOS, 19.6% Android
  • Chile: 60% iOS, 24% Android
  • Colombia: 64.3% iOS, 11.9% Android
  • Costa Rica, 51.9% iOS, 11.9% Android
  • Ecuador: 58% iOS, 14% Android
  • Mexico: 60% iOS, 15.8% Android
  • Peru: 48.1% iOS, 30.3% Android
  • Puerto Rico: 63.7% IOS, 28.4% Android
  • Venezuela, 47% IOS, 15.5% Android

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