4 Key Changes in Latin America’s Mobile Market


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4 Key Changes in Latin America’s Mobile Market

Going strictly by the numbers, here’s a look at significant shifts with the mobile market in Latin America—data that could help agencies and brands with their next mobile campaigns.

1 mobile growing
#1 THE LATAM MOBILE AUDIENCE KEEPS GROWING MASSIVELY 328,000,000 The amount of mobile users in Latin America in 2014—expected to reach 374 million by 2017 122,000,000 The projected amount of smartphones that will be sold in Latin America in 2014 14,200,000 The amount of tablets sold in Latin America in 2013

2 mobile commerce
#2 M-COMMERCE BECOMES MORE COMMON 54% The percentage of Latin American smartphone users who have purchased a product or service with their smartphones 40% of Mexican mobile users make mobile purchases 83% M-commerce in Brazil grew by 83% between 2013 and 2014 15% of online payments made in Argentina are made with mobile phones

#3 INSTANT MESSAGING & OTHER APPS GROW IN POPULARITY 8.5 Brazilians spend an average of 8.5 hours a month using instant message services, the highest amount of use in the world. Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Chile are also among the top 10 countries in the world in instant messaging use, each with an average of at least 6 hours a month. 61% Despite the growth of WeChat, GlobalWebIndex reports that 61% of mobile Internet audience in Latin America has used WhatsApp in the last month: only the Middle East/Africa has higher usage 62% of Argentines use the app for Preguntados, a trivia game, while 42% use Candy Crush and 28% use Angry Birds; Facebook is the top social app among Argentines as 76% use it while Whatspp leads Skype and Line in the messaging app category 11,500,000 The amount of business app users in Mexico, 27% of the total amount of apps users in the country 2502% The growth of WeChat ( a mobile messaging app) in Mexico between 2013 and 2014. In this same period, WeChat grew by 835% in Argentina and by 1108% in Brazil. 88% of Brazilians between ages 15 and 32 have the Facebook app on their phones, while 84% have email apps, 81% have YouTube and 79% have Whatsapp

4 mobile web
#4 LATIN AMERICA’S INTERNET AUDIENCE IS BECOMING MORE OF A MOBILE AUDIENCE 52,000,000 The amount of Brazilians who go online with cell phones 7 of 10 Internet users in Argentina go online with cellphones 50% of Mexican digital users go online with smartphones 40% of Colombian mobile users go online with their phones 58% of Chileans have access to mobile internet 67% of Paraguayan mobile users go online with their phones 686,000 Total amount of mobile subscriptions in Peru that allow for Internet access Please contact us to find out more how we can increase efficiencies for Latin American agencies through media services like planning or buying or via advertising technology solutions like programmatic buying.