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Minorities more Active on Mobile Web

November 16, 2011


While whites make up the lion’s share of US mobile phone and mobile internet users, a new eMarketer forecast estimates Hispanic, Asian and black mobile users in the US access the mobile internet more often than their white counterparts, and that they will continue to outpace whites in mobile internet adoption through 2015. (more…)

I Stalked Steve Jobs (And How To Get A Meeting With ANY VIP)

Christine Comaford, Contributor
November 2011

I was a young CEO and I needed answers. Steve Jobs had them. There was only one thing to do.

So I sent a FedEx letter.

Image credit: Charis Tsevis

Then I sent another.

Then I started calling.

Then I sent another FedEx, and called some more. Finally, after 7 FedExs and 12 phone calls, Steve’s assistant said he wanted to talk with me.

“You keep sending FedExs and calling. So let’s end it. What do you want?” Steve said, with his characteristic charm.

“Five minutes of your time. I really admire your accomplishments and as a young CEO I have a few questions no one else can answer.”

“Bring a timer.”

“I will. Oh—and thanks.”

He had already hung up. (more…)

Trying Out the World’s First In-Car Music-Streaming System

November 15, 2011


MOG, the music-streaming service, can now integrate with BMW’s iDrive interface.

Here are some of the problems with listening to music in your car (which is otherwise awesome):

1. Commercial radio is just awful. A limited number of songs played in endless repetition is bad enough — to then have to hear asinine ads for weight-loss and debt-reduction services on top of that makes you wish you had never been born. Public radio can be worlds better, but it’s not always consistent—and there’s always the possibility that you’ve stumbled into the minefield of boredom and haranguing that is Pledge Week.

2. Your own music can get tiresome. Whether it’s a stack of CDs in a changer or your iPod connected to your car stereo, the problem with your own music is that, well, it’s yours. You know all of it already. Now, sometimes, that’s O.K. — you want to hear your favorite songs. But you can find yourself caught in a closed circuit if you’re stuck with only the songs you’ve bought. (This is particularly true if you mostly listen to older music. I stopped getting new tracks after Eric B. & Rakim broke up.) (more…)

Why Sony Must Reinvent The TV

Fast Company Logo
BY Kit Eaton
Mon Nov 14, 2011

Sony’s CEO, Howard Stringer, has said his company is going to reinvent the television. It’s a dangerous game–and one being played by tech’s top firms. Can Sony win?


Sony CEO Howard Stringer recently told the Wall Street Journal that his company is concentrating on a “different kind of TV set.” It’s part of an effort to build a cohesive four-screen strategy to compete with Apple, and it’s something Sony absolutely has to do if its future is to be as shiny as its past.

For his “I’ve finally cracked it” moment, Stringer said: “I spent the last five years building a platform so I can compete against Steve Jobs. It’s finished, and it’s launching now.” The way Sony makes and sells TVs has to change from the way it’s currently done, Stringer thinks, because “Every TV set we all make loses money.” (more…)

Why Mobile Ad Sales Are Set to Spike in Latam

Latin Link
By Javier Montanaro
November 11, 2011

This post is also available in: Spanish

Why Mobile Ad Sales Are Set to Spike in LatamMobile is clearly making money. Worldwide, revenues from mobile ads will top US$3.3 billion—more than double the $1.6 billion earned in 2010.
And Latin America is driving the mobile ad surge: in Argentina alone, mobile ad revenues grew by 657% in 2010. Other countries are also showing mobile money spikes, including Brazil and Mexico.
Here’s why the mobile ad market is heating up in Latin America.

#1 Cellphone penetration. Across Latin America, it reached 100% in 2011, compared to 102% in the United States. Several Latin American countries boast more than 100% penetration, such as Argentina (142%) Uruguay (130%) and Brazil (118%). Latin Americans are also buying more and more multimedia phones—which are excellent for displaying mobile ad content.

#2 Smartphone penetration. Smartphone sales in Latin America for 2011 total 31 million so far, spiking by 165% in Brazil between 2010 and 2011. In Mexico, they make up 35% of the market, while smartphone penetration is at 20% in both Argentina and Colombia. Sales will grow by 30% a year over the next 5 years—or more. Smartphone prices in Latin America have dropped to the $100 range recently, making them more affordable than ever. For advertisers, surging smartphone sales mean that they have an even better device to reach customers in Latin America with ads, plus improved targeting. (more…)

What Brazilians Buy

Latin Link
By Bruno Almeida
November 11, 2011

This post is also available in: Spanish

What Brazilians BuyWe’ve tracked the results of dozens of recent studies to measure the hottest products among Brazilian consumers and the latest info about their buying habits. Here’s a quick and easy breakdown for marketers, advertisers and agencies.

• The Brazilian beauty market quintupled its sales between 1996 and 2010, reaching $27 billion reales, with 30% growth projected for 2011*
• The Brazilian beauty market is #3 in the world, just behind the United States and Japan*
• Class C Brazilian women spend 19 billion reales a year on beauty products—more than all other socioeconomic classes**
• 79% of Brazilian women use beauty products regularly***
• 88% of Brazilian female Internet users go online to research beauty products***
• Class C women between 18 and 24 spend 71% of their income on beauty and fashion products***
*Source: Associação Brasileira de Indústrias de Higiene Pessoal, Perfumaria e Cosméticos
**Source: Data Popular
***Source: Sophia Mind (more…)

Study: FM Radio Is Still the Biggest Source for Music Discovery…

DMN Logo
Sunday, November 13, 2011
by  paul

One of the oldest platforms is still the biggest vehicle for new music discovery, even among more dedicated music fans. In a just-released joint study from NPD Group and NARM, FM (and AM) radio consistently emerged as the most important place for discovery, with word-of-mouth falling second.

You’d think platforms like Pandora and places like Pitchfork would beat out local stations and their repetitive playlists, at least among more dedicated music fans.  But here’s a look at the ranking for the most dialed-in, ‘committed’ music fans.  This is a group spends an average of $267 per year, plus an additional $139 on live shows. (more…)

And the First of YouTube’s New Original Channels Is… In Spanish!

Tubefilter News
November 11th, 2011

YouTube is wasting no time in getting their crop of 100+ newly funded original channels up and running. It’s somewhat fitting that the first of this freshman class CleverTeVe is launching today—in Spanish. YouTube’s advertising partners are hungry not only for more premium content, but as is now well known, for more options to reach a booming hispanic millennials market.

It also helps that LA-based Clevver Media can meet the agressive output requirements set by YouTube as part of the seven-figure funding deals. Their existing channels ClevverTV, ClevverMusic, ClevverGames and ClevverMovies churn out dozens of videos per day and racked up over one billion combined views.

The ClevverTeVe channel is releasing some 20 videos today and then an average of 60 per week moving forward. One of them is a recap (see below) of Taylor Swift winning Artist of the Year at the CMA’s, or as I’ve just now learned to write in Spanish, “Artista Del Ano En Los CMA’s 2011.”

The new channel starts from scratch, with no existing subscribers or prior views, so this will make for some interesting sideline gazing. How much is YouTube itself going to promote and feature the channel as it looks to recoup its sizable investment?

It’s targeted at young Latinos, offering “leading Hollywood headlines, delivering daily entertainment, celebrity, and fashion news content completely in Spanish.” Latino celebrity entertainer Gwendy Rodriguez is the host of ClevverTeVe, coming from a background at Univision and Telemundo.

Three original programs will highlight the channel, with more coming in the future the company says.

Nuns Who Won’t Stop Nudging

Laura Pedrick for The New York Times

“We’re not here to put corporations down,” says Sister Nora Nash of the Sisters of St. Francis. “We’re here to improve their sense of responsibility.”

Published: November 12, 2011

NOT long ago, an unusual visitor arrived at the sleek headquarters of Goldman Sachs in Lower Manhattan.

It wasn’t some C.E.O., or a pol from Athens or Washington, or even a sign-waving occupier from Zuccotti Park.

It was Sister Nora Nash of the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia. And the slight, soft-spoken nun had a few not-so-humble suggestions for the world’s most powerful investment bank. (more…)

Hispanics Reviving Faded Towns on the Plains

Steve Hebert for The New York Times

A game of pick-up basketball at the school gym at Kepley Middle School in Ulysses, Kan. where the Hispanic population is increasing.

Published: November 13, 2011

ULYSSES, Kan. — Change can be unsettling in a small town. But not long ago in this quiet farming community, with its familiar skyline of grain elevators and church steeples, the owner of a new restaurant decided to acknowledge the community’s diversity by adding some less traditional items to her menu. Cheeseburgers. French fries. Chicken-fried steak.

American food,” the restaurant owner, Luz Gonzalez, calls it. And she signaled her move by giving her Mexican restaurant a distinctly American name: “The Down-Town Restaurant.” (more…)