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Research LatAm: Smartphones: An Attractive Market for the Emerging Economies

Aug 25, 2011

Driven by booming sales of low-end models, shipments of smartphone will rise to account for more than half of the worldwide cellphone market in 2015, according to a report from IHS, analysis provider.

“With their affordable prices, low-end smart phones are attractive to first-time users and to consumers in emerging economies where subscriber levels are rising at the fastest rates of all regions of the world, such as China, India, Latin America, South Asia and Africa,” said Francis Sideco, senior principal analyst, wireless communications for IHS. (more…)

Kina Grannis: Using The Web To Reach 400,000 Fans

August 2011

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Last week indie singer-songwriter Kina Grannis and her manager Jonathan Kalter sat down with Ian Rogers on This Week In Music. They offered insights into how Kina uses the web to build a fan base. Without a label -in fact rejecting an Interscope deal – she’s become one of the most subscribed-to artists on YouTube with more than 400,000 subscribers and 70 million total video views. Grannis is also selling out shows from Largo in LA to two shows at Highline Ballroom in NYC. Today at 4PM ET Ian interviews Songkick CEO Ian Hogarth and we’ll post it here next week. WATCH KINA GRANNIS INTERVIEW:

The ‘New Generation Latino’


Jose Tillan

The identity of the United States has been steadily changing for the past 20 years. The 2011 Census confirms that Latinos are becoming a cultural force …a bilingual and bi-cultural force that is. Among them are the New Generation Latinos (NGLs), a segment that fuses their Latin roots with their American way of life and experiences. This rapidly growing segment is made up of US Born and foreign-born Latinos with 15+ years on American soil and represent 75% of the 12-34 Hispanic population.

NGLs are nearly 30 million strong (62% of US Hispanic population) and are now scattered across the country, quickly influencing the American culture. They are ‘front and center’ with businesses and government sectors, which are increasingly vying for their economic and social support. But the question still remains ‘How do we communicate with them?’

A recent study conducted by Motivo Insights and the New Generation Latino Consortium (NGLC) titled “The Maximo Report” surveyed this acculturated and powerful bilingual/bicultural segment at both the national and local levels. The study revealed nearly 50% of them hunger to see “their lives, entertainment interests and issues authentically represented” and “their American and Latino experiences” portrayed in the content they consume. (more…)

Dee Hock, the Founder of VISA International

August 2011
Maria Pikalova

Dee Hock is the founder and former CEO of VISA International – the dominant player in the credit card industry. He created business that since 1970 has grown by 10 000%. It continues to expand at 20% per year, operates in some 200 countries worldwide, includes 22000 member banks and 750 million customers, and reaches $1.25 trillion in annual transactions. Hock has since become the founder and coordinating director of the Chaordic Alliance, the purpose of which is to develop, disseminate and implement new concepts of organization. He is also an author of the bestseller Birth of the Chaordic Age. Dee Hock was inducted into the Business Hall of Fame in 1991 and the Money magazine hall of fame in 1992.

It all started in the late 1960s, when the credit card industry was on the brink of catastrophe. The forerunner of the Visa system – BankAmericard – the very first credit card and a reasonably profitable statewide service of Bank of America faced a competing product of five Californian banks they called MasterCharge. Bank of America responded, franchising BankAmericard nationwide. Other large banks quickly responded with their own cards and franchise systems. By 1968, the industry had become self-destructive. (more…)

Xtranormal Video Mocks Marketers’ Social-Media Savvy

But Makes Us Wonder, Do All CMOs Have Two Ipads?

AdAge Blogs

It’s been awhile since an Xtranormal video made its way across our monitor, but when this one did it reminded us why they’re so damn funny. Those cute characters with giant heads, saying mildly insulting things — who could resist?

In this edition, which was featured on the site Scribbal today, a college intern laments having social-media duties for the entire company dumped on him. Apparently, a team of staffers devoted to social media can’t be hired until the CEO is convinced that social media is important and has an ROI.

Says the tired little intern: “They have me running all of it for the company. Which is big. It is a bit overwhelming.”

He goes on to explain the role of the chief marketing officer — which he calls “The Shmoo” — is very important and that that’s a role in the company where you get to have two iPads. “The Shmoo uses one to read the New York Times and the other to play Sudoko,” he says.

Sound like anyone you know?

Why the Future of TV Is All About Personalization

August 25, 2011

John Clancy is the president and CEO at Azuki Systems, where he is leading this charge to deliver video content to the mobile devices of millions of consumers worldwide. You can catch up on Azuki news or check out the company’s blog.

Fueled by the explosive growth of smartphones and tablets, video viewing habits have forever changed. It’s no surprise that consumers, who have been quick to embrace video services like HBO GO, Netflix and Hulu, are now expecting a more personal, interactive and seamless viewing experience across their traditional TV, laptops, gaming consoles, and connected TVs, as well as on smartphones and tablets.

Here, we’ll discuss the current state of personalized mobile video and what consumers can expect in the future. (more…)

Guest post: here come the multilatinas


August 17, 2011 
By Javier Santiso

Since 2000, the global economy has undergone a huge rebalancing towards the emerging countries. Trade and financial flows shifted in the direction of the emerging countries. Not only did investors in developed countries rush to raise their stakes in emerging markets. South-south investment also blossomed, with emerging multinationals from Brazil, China, India and Russia bursting on to the world scene.

Now other countries are jumping on to the bandwagon. In Latin America in particular, the international expansion of companies from Mexico, Brazil and Argentina is being followed by groups from Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Last year, for example, Chile’s LAN and Brazil’s TAM merged to form one of the largest airlines in the world and the fifth most globalised company in Latin America, according to the latest ranking by the magazine the leading Latin American monthly newspaper, América Economía, published in 2011.

The companies are ranked by criteria including the percentage of sales of employees on foreign countries and the extent of international operations. (more…)

How User-Generated Content Is Changing SEO

August 23, 2011

Cathy Halligan is the senior vice president of sales and marketing for PowerReviews. Prior to joining PowerReviews, she was chief marketing officer and vice president of product management and multichannel integration at Halligan also held executive positions at Williams-Sonoma, Gymboree and Lands’ End.

Google is at the social game again with the recent unveiling of Google+, a big bet for the company and an effort to show that it can keep up with Facebook in this increasingly important space.

However, it’s important to recognize that the launch of Google+ is not just a run at Facebook — it’s a reflection of the increasing importance the company places on social signals in how it indexes, ranks and presents information to consumers. And despite some well-publicized failures in the past, Google has already had some significant success in social that has eluded the media spotlight.

Google has long been the first choice of consumers who are looking for information online, and it has monetized its search offering well (32% revenue growth to $9 billion-plus in Q2). But more recently, Google is on the path to becoming the consumer’s choice when she is shopping for everything from a refrigerator to a hotel room. What’s significant is that this path is fueled by social. “How so?” you ask.

Consider this: (more…)

The Secret Life of a Rock Dad

Published: August 18, 2011

Annabel Mehran

Clay Tarver, and his Les Paul, playing with Chavez at the Matador Records 21st-anniversary show in Las Vegas in 2010. More Photos »

“Your husband’s a guitarist, right? Does he want to play in the Dad Band for the Spring Faire?” That’s verbatim what a father from our preschool asked my wife. She and I shared a big, long laugh. Until I noticed she wasn’t laughing. In fact, she seemed hurt. “You wouldn’t even do that for your own kids,” she said, “would you?” (more…)

Moms Have Marketers Thinking Mobile


August 2011

Aby David Bohan

At an American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As) conference, one presenter commented that mobile advertising was the “next new thing” for the last eight years. It seems the adoption of smartphone by Moms have made marketers finally understand the potential for mobile.

In a recent Washington Post story, Marshal Cohen, chief retail analyst at research firm NPD Group said, “We’ve known about the opportunity of online Moms for a while now, but then mobile technology came along and blew everything up.”

Blew up, indeed; Moms are adopting smartphone technology quicker than all adults. In the first quarter of 2011, smartphone purchases by Moms grew by 132% versus the previous year. Media research giant, Nielsen, has branded smartphone women “power Moms.”

Consumer electronic review and shopping site found that parents who own iPhones are more likely to be social on Facebook and are overall more digitally active than the average parent. Retrevo has coined the term iParents to describe this digitally connected cohort.

But by whatever name, some good advice came from Maire Griffin of LivingSocial, “We know Mom is CEO of the house … we need to make things easier for her and help her find the efficiency in her life she’s searching for.”