14 Latam Social Media Keys for Agencies and Advertisers


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Recently comScore released a major report on social media in Latin America. To help agencies and advertisers make decisions based on the data, we decided to break down the key highlights that could affect approaches, strategies and campaigns. 1 BIG PICTURE


>>>Time: Latin Americans spend more time on social media than Internet users from any other region in the world

>>>Volume: Social media sites receive 59 million daily unique visitors from Latin America

>>>Youth: More than 60% of social media users in Latin America are 15 to 34, 20% are 35-44 and 20% are over 45

>>>Dominance: Facebook takes up 95.6% of the time that Latin Americans spend on social media while combined, the rest of the social sites (Twitter, Ask.fm, Badoo, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Vostu, Taringa) take up the remaining 4.4% of the time

>>>Deep Reach:  Social media reaches 95.8% of Latin American Internet users and has its deepest reach among Internet users in Mexico (98%), Argentina (97.5%), Peru (97.2%), Chile (97.1%) and Colombia (96.8%)

>>>Share This: ComScore classifies the ShareThis widget (which does allow firms to advertise on it) as the #2 social media site in all of Latin America in terms of total unique visitors
As part of its report, comScore included data from Shareablee, a partner that measures social media activity that’s relevant to brands. That’s because aside from ads on social media, firms look to measure if social media users interact, use and share content to help get a sense of ROI from social media activity that can’t be measured directly (like a banner ad or sponsored post). One of the recent trends has been simple growth:

Fan growth in Latin America was 194% between January 2013 and January 2014 3 INSTA

Fan growth in several Latam markets was also high in this period: 173% in Argentina, 179% in Brazil, 314% in Chile, 255% in Colombia, 196% in Mexico and 205% in Peru Engagement with Facebook pages in Latin America went up by 110% between January  2013 and June 2014 INSTAGRAM INCREASE There has been a massive increase in Instagram activity in Latin America since January 2013, with surges in Argentina (171%), Brazil (751%), Chile (183%), Colombia (52,000%), Mexico (2,082%) and Peru (1278%). These numbers refer to the increases in monthly actions on Instagram. So for example, in January 2013 there were 452,000 actions on Instagram in Brazil. But by June 2014 there were 3.8 million actions on Instagram, an increase of 751%.

Of course, it’s important to note that Instagram actions represent a small part of the total amount of actions on social media. ComScore points out that of the 633 million social media actions in Latam during the first quarter of 2014, 97% were on Facebook, with 1.5% on Instagram and 1.2% on Twitter.
Overall, users in Brazil, Mexico and other countries tend to like social media content more than share it. For instance, when it came to content posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Brazilian social media users tended to like content 75% of the time, commented on it 5% of the time and shared it 19% of the time. In comparison, Mexican social media users liked content 83% of the time but shared it only 12% of the time.

That said, sharing mostly rose in Latin America between January 2013 and June 2014:

Argentina                            +30% Chile                                      +93% Colombia                             +129% Peru                                      +71% Mexico                                 +189%
Latin Americans mostly seem to be posting more on Facebook since January 2013. Monthly Facebook posts per brand in Latin America went up by 29%. Here’s a look at the changes in each country:

Argentina                            +16% Brazil                                     -5% Chile                                      +8% Colombia                             +34% Mexico                                 +37% Peru                                      +79%

In terms of the type of content posted on Facebook, here’s a breakdown:

Photos                                  78% Links                                      14% Status                                   4% Video                                    3%

When Shareablee looked at the type of content that generated the most engagement on Facebook, globally photos had a 99.4% engagement while other types of content like video (0.4%), status (0.1%) and links (0.1%) had much lower levels of engagement. The pattern seems to hold up in Latin American markets, with photos accounting for 88% of the Facebook engagement in Mexico.
question mark with speech bubles, vector on the abstract background
Shareablee also considered whether brands use questions as part of their calls to actions with Facebook posts and the large majority (87%) of posts did not. However, the firm observes that Media/News/Publishing pages in Mexico that included questions in their 2014 posts have observed a 37% increase in engagement up to now.

Taking Advantage of This In looking at these results, advertisers and agencies can leverage these results in several ways:

Focus efforts on Facebook because it has a gigantic reach advantage over other social networks

Allocate an appropriate amount of resources to Instagram due to its rising popularity

Use powerful images in ads because photos dominate engagement

Consider employing more photos in content marketing efforts, adding some subtle branding and messaging to lead to conversion.

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